Conversational AI

Conversational AI solutions are changing the way businesses engage with their consumers, employees and partners. Advances in technologies such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Dialog Management and Machine Learning have made it possible to understand, respond and learn from every interaction. The accuracy of bots being able to handle human-like conversations has increased to 95%. This makes the human-bot interaction natural, persuasive but enjoyable, purposeful and frictionless.

Conversational AI solutions are primarily of two types based on the type of interface – chatbots that primarily use text based interfaces while voice-bots use multi-modal experience or voice only experience. These solutions are a synthesis of several design disciplines, technologies and sound understanding of business domain and user personas.

Chatbots and Voice-bots are an essential part of the omnichannel strategy of every growing and progressive business. Enterprises create conversational experiences using these solutions for interactions that are Information focused (FAQ, Q&A, Search), Transaction focused (order management, business functions like sales, marketing, HR, recruitment), and Context focused (multilingual, healthcare, proactive engagement).

Voice Assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allow 3rd party voice user interface based applications such as Alexa skills and Google Actions which are comparable to apps on a smartphone. Businesses, brands and professionals have started taking early mover advantage of this new medium and intend to use it as a differentiation over their competitors.

These solutions make your business available 24×7, scale rapidly and offer personalized service translating into revenue growth, reduced cost to serve and greater customer loyalty.